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Worm Farm
Worm Farm

Worm Farm

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Composting means to recycle your food! If we recycle our food waste, and we recycle the regular dry "recyclables" (like glass, plastic, metals & paper products), then you will find very little going to landfills. Furthermore, composting is amazing for our soils - and soils give us life. 

Why is composting so important?
- By composting the organic waste you produce, you significantly reduce the amount of waste you send to landfill. Landfill space in South Africa is fast running out and organic waste has been banned from landfill in the Western Cape by 2027 
- When organic matter decomposes at landfill it produces large amounts of the potent greenhouse gas Methane, which contributes to global warming
- Toxic leachates from the decomposing matter pollute our waterways and pose health hazards to nearby communities.
- Organic waste is a valuable resource! It can be transformed into nutrient-rich compost, animal feed and bio-gas.

So whether you have a compost heap in your garden, use Bokashi or have hungry worms - these products will make your composting easy.

You don't have a garden, you say? No problem! A worm farm is perfect for you. 

The Worm Oasis is a 5-star hotel for your worms, and it will keep them contained and content!

It's no ordinary worm farm. It is UV resistant, strong and durable. It includes two working trays with an additional drainage tray. There is a built in tap that collects the worm liquid which can be used on your garden. The unit is sold together with a coco block to be used in your worm bedding, a worm blanket, 500 composting worms and the instruction manual.


*Outer Size: 40 x 45 x 46cm high 

*Colour: Dark green

* Includes: 500 x Worms provided in a reusable black bucket

* Instruction Manual included.

* Made in South Africa

**Please keep the worm farm away from direct sunlight!

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